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Dialoguing for Success, Inc. partners with clients to identify their desired future and plan their paths to achievement. We work with leaders in creating direction and strategies for personal and organizational success.

Who Is Dialoguing for Success?

We understand a monumental challenge in these turbulent, dynamic times is ensuring your workforce focuses on the right things. Major losses rarely occur because of executive decisions. Major losses occur on the frontline. Everyday decisions - how customers are treated, employee performance, supplier selection, cost-containment, quality, safety, productivity - ideally should be made in concert with the decisions made at the top. Far too many times, this is not what happens.

People: Your Greatest Asset

Have you ever been surprised when your direction was not followed? What goes wrong? Why aren’t your employees implementing what you want them to? It’s not because of incompetence. It is because your people aren’t sure what it is that they are supposed to do differently - and why. Top executives often don’t translate the message to employees so that it answers the question: ”What do I do differently on Monday morning?”

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You can make great strategic decisions, but it is only through your people that you can make those decisions come to pass. Equipment, processes, and intellectual property have no value except as they are expressed through the actions of human beings. We are only committed and motivated when we are part of a collaborative effort.

Research has shown that those companies who engage their workforces’ knowledge and creativity show a 30% higher increase in market value over those that do not.

Your workforce alignment starts with middle management. Get them involved, let them communicate to those they manage so that everyone works in concert. Aligning an organization is not easy. But alignment is essential for your business to be sustainable and prosperous. Include your workforce in setting the goals for their own jobs, give them the tools to produce… and watch your business skyrocket!


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