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Hope On The Horizon:
Let People Be Your Bottom Line
by Anne Selcer

It's no secret that the US economy is slowing down, even slipping into recession. As a result, thousands of corporations are struggling, being forced to cut costs, decrease benefits, and even lay off valuable employees. These solutions to economic hardship, although they seem logical, take their toll on employee morale and commitment. In the long run, it is this trend that can make or break a company's success.

For meaningful, long-term growth and success, organizations must take full advantage of their most valuable, yet largely untapped resource: their employees. The workforce of a company is the driving force behind the creation, innovation, and production so critical to any organization's livelihood. If every employee doesn't work together like a well-oiled machine, there will most certainly be problems.

Commitment and adherence to a company's objectives cannot be forced upon its employees. For this reason, each employee must be given a set of personal goals to work toward. These goals must work in harmony with the goals of other individuals, other departments, and the company as a whole. Each person must understand the company's objectives in regard to their own position, so that meeting company goals becomes a personal undertaking for each employee.

This kind of synergy is only possible under an intricate system of strategic alignment. A good system of alignment will focus on five important areas, each in connection with all the others, creating a comprehensive, holistic approach to company operations. These areas include Mission and Vision, Business Communications, Policies and Procedures, Performance Management and Development, and Rewards. Each of these five corporate elements must hang together in proper balance, each lending to the success of the other four. If conflict exists between policies and communications, for example, workforce synergy will be disrupted, and the company as a whole will suffer.

In this day and age, too many organizations focus solely on the bottom line, forgetting to consider all that goes into accomplishing those numerical goals. In the end, is it the workforce and the way they perform together which will make or break a company's success. Creating synergy in the way people work and think together is the only way to ensure lasting prosperity.

Author Anne Selcer is founder of Dialoguing for Success, Inc., and has 22 years of experience in Human Resources and Organizational Development. Dialoguing for Success, Inc. specializes in the development and implementation of comprehensive, strategic alignment systems for companies and organizations.

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