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Test Your Organizationtest yourself

Are you or your organization:

  • Needing a new, revitalizing vision and strategy?
  • Lacking direction and focus?
  • Going through a major transition or change?
  • Not holding your people accountable for their performance?
  • Having trouble translating your strategy to your leaders’ and employees’ performance objectives?
  • Instituting expensive “programs” that add little value to your customer and bottom-line results?
  • Having conflict and communication issues between departments or cultures?
  • Asking for creativity in your workforce, but just not getting it?
  • Seeing that you have managers or supervisors that are alienating or demotivating their employees?
  • Always fire-fighting and in crisis, rather than working towards your future growth?
  • Undergoing problems in safety, quality or productivity attributable to employee performance?
  • Experiencing burnout and turnover among your most talented employees?
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Anne's facilitation, using interactive and participatory methods, gave us the chance to work on scenarios that occur within our own business and to come to useful conclusions.

I was able to evaluate what I've done in my own business and determine which tools will make future initiatives more successful.

- B. B. , Real Estate Manager


If you answered, “yes” to any of these - you do have an alternative. By developing clear strategic goals, and linking them to the departmental and employee performance, you will experience phenomenal results. By tapping into the collective talents and creativity of your people, you will find that you can successfully accomplish your objectives. You will ultimately be moving from a reactionary to proactive mode and actively working on your long-term success.

Anne Selcer, principle of Dialoguing for Success, Inc., has advised businesses for over 20 years. She helps them align their organizations with their strategic direction. As a team, we customize proven models and processes to meet your goals. Our strength lies in helping you and your workforce create a competitive advantage.

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