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Engaging Your Workforce Find out how Is Easier Than You Think

E-Learning and Gamification

We understand that your workforce is diverse and employee time is limited. Sometimes the digital generation only has time to learn online, but you are afraid it won’t be engaging enough.

Training & Development

We specialize in helping you identify the solutions to the people and process challenges that are keeping you from optimizing your business. Bottom line is that you must engage your workforce in their own learning.

Team Facilitation and Strategic Planning

We believe that with the right facilitation, your team can align and collaborate in reaching the highest organizational standards. That can only occur with collaboration and team dialogue.

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Hi, I'm Anne Selcer, PhD.

Anne Selcer, Ph.D. is an accomplished workforce and educational consultant, facilitator, and professor with over 40 years of experience achieving high impact results across diverse industries including health care, academia, technology, chemical manufacturing, oil and gas and professional services. A recognized innovator and thought leader, Dr. Selcer has demonstrated expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating multiple initiatives designed to accelerate performance, develop leaders, promote engagement, and transform cultures.

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Dialoguing for Success, Inc. partners with clients to identify their desired future and plan their paths to achievement. We work with leaders in creating direction and strategies for personal and organizational success.

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