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Does the word engagement resonate with you?

Maybe it got your attention because you have realized that neither your workforce, nor you for that matter, want to be just managed. Instead, we all want to have a sense of shared purpose at work. People problems occur when they don’t feel engaged with their jobs, and the root of that is lack of communications.
As you know, ‘good communications’ are overused words, but an underused concept. Modern workforces are increasingly diverse. We have found that there cultural misunderstandings can prevent us from finding common agreement on the nature of problems, never mind how to deal with them constructively. As a manager, you may have been told that is the employees’ problem, but as a leader, you realize it is your responsibility to resolve and bring your workforce together. Your organization’s success will ultimately depend upon you understanding your team.

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Who is Dialoguing for Success?

We believe that real dialogue is the key element central to your organization’s success. It is not just a buzz word. Dialoguing is a process of questioning and collective learning that leads to finding shared understanding and collaborative agreement. As a very promising solution to understanding the cultures and subcultures in which we work, we believe it is the foundation of engagement of your workforce in your company’s mission.

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What is Dialoguing for Success, Inc?

Dialoguing for Success, Inc. is a team of accomplished workforce and educational consultants, facilitators, and professors with a combination of over 80 years of experience achieving high impact results across diverse industries including health care, academia, technology, chemical manufacturing, aerospace, government, engineering, IT, human resources, engineering project management, oil and gas and professional services. As recognized innovator and thought leaders, the Dialoguing for Success team has demonstrated expertise in designing, implementing, and evaluating multiple initiatives created to accelerate performance, develop leaders, promote engagement, and transform cultures.


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